I’m sure by now you know that on Facebook, visual plays a very important role. A matter of fact, according to Socialbakers, 87% of the top most engaging posts were photos. It’s pretty simple! We all attracted by visuals. Don’t believe me? Go to your Facebook page right now. Scroll down your page. What posts are stopping you in your tracks? I’m pretty sure it has something related to visuals? Am I right?

8 Ways to Use Visuals to Market Your Business on Facebook

We’re in the age of the visual culture. There are a lot of ways you can fully utilize visuals in your marketing. This post will dive deep into them and I’ll show how you can fully utilize our visual sense in your Facebook marketing.

I’ll also highlight some examples of people and pages who are already rocking visuals in their day to day marketing.

1 Show a Personal Side

Show a Personal Side

Here’s the thing, Facebook is not built for businesses to promote their product. It was build for people to engage and keep up-to-date with their friends and family.

One of the mistake businesses make is they treat their page like how they approach traditional advertising. They promote immediately. Instead, it should be used to blend in together with other posts, like how people have been using this platform before businesses infiltrated this platform.

A way to do this is to show off their more personal side. It could easily be about you or your founder. One page that I really like that I feel does a great work at showing off their personal side is Entrepreneuress Academy.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook

I recommend you take a look at her page to see how’s she’s doing it.

2 Spotlight Employees

Spotlight Employees

Highlighting your employees is a great way to make your business more human and give them a more personal touch. A way to do this is by showing people behind your company and give more information about them.

You could;

  • •Highlight their thoughts for the day
  • •Share what they love about their job
  • •Show off how they rock their day to day work.

I like how Vaynermedia highlights their employees.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook

3 Post Engaging Questions

Ask Engaging Questions

Posting questions or fill-in-the-blanks is another great way to build engagement on your Facebook page. In general, people loves to share their thoughts. They like to feel heard or feel that they have contributed something.

Don’t believe me? With the help of Post Planner’s viral photo discovery feature, I’ve searched to find out what are the most engaging questions posted by the top 50 brands in the United States. The results? The most viral photos from of  top 50 brands in the United States was posted by Walmart and the photo was a … question.

Here is the question.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook

This simple question had over 20,000 comments.

Now if you already have a fill-in-the-blank question in mind, instead of simply posting it onto your Facebook page, you can use Canva to easily create a question.

4 Show Behind the Scenes

Show Behind the Scenes

What’s happening in your day to day business that you can show to your fans? Go behind the scenes and give them feel like they are a part of your company.

You can showoff what goes behind every product development, a near complete renovation of your store, your employees enjoying their work, your team working on a product that you’ll be launching soon etc. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever it is, it will definitely be appreciated.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook


Use Quotes

Some marketers dislike quotes. I don’t, and I would add that I don’t think people find them intrusive too. I mean judging by the amount of engagement they get, I’m not going to say that they are bad or that they don’t work at all.

Quotes work well because in general, people can easily relate to them, because of that, they get liked and shared easily compared to more targeted content.

Like most visuals, they can be easily done with platforms like Canva.

Here’s a great example by the Chief of Evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki himself.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook

6 Show Your Product

Show Your Product

You can definitely use visuals to showcase your products. Let’s start with the most common way businesses approach this. They would usually share photos taken from their website, posts them with a share a link to their website. While this is okay, it can be improved.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook

A better way to do this is to showoff your products getting used in real life. It could be a photo that your customer shared with your recently to even one of you founder or employees using your products.

7 Share Tips

Share Tips

If you want your fans to constantly engage with your Facebook page you have to consistently add value on your Facebook page. A way to do this is by sharing short visual tips that fans would be able to learn without reading an article. It’s like a simple takeaways.

Here is an example of a really good visual tip.

photo 7

You could easily find these types of tips online and if you’re looking to make them from scratch you could easily make them with Canva without any knowledge of photoshop. You should be able to do them in no more than 10 minutes.

8 Share Testimonials

Share Testimonials

Instead of constantly promoting your product and telling people how good your product is, why not get your fans to do the talking for you. An honest praise or review from happy customers will always be more effective than a sales copy or you constantly trying to sell to your customers.

What you can do is simply ask your customers to share their reviews with you and in return they would get a couple or a discount for future purchases. A win-win for both parties. Alternatively, you can highlight them as your fan of the week too.

Here’s an example of how Marie Forleo does this for her B-school.

8 Ways To Use Visuals To Market Your Business on Facebook


I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, a picture is worth not only a thousand words but impressions, likes, shares and comments. For the good news, you can easily use many of these points, and take action on them today with the help of platforms like Canva.

What About You?

How are you using visuals? Has it worked for you? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Aaron Lee is Grand Master of Customer Delight at Post Planner, a tool that makes it easy to increase Facebook engagement by sharing the hottest photos, links & status ideas in your industry.