150 Free Professional Brand Templates Designed for Businesses

Branding can be tricky and time consuming at the best of times.

There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. There are so many different things to consider – what colour palette you use, what type of imagery to pick, what fonts go well together, how to capture that unique tone of voice. There’s so much to devise, plan out and execute, it can be frustrating and use up time that you just don’t have. So, we thought we’d make it a bit easier for you.

This is just one of the ways we are trying to make the design process smoother, quicker, and far easier for you and your business, because trust us – we have many more things up our sleeve and on the way. So don’t be daunted by design any more!

In this article we have packed together 50 beautiful brand kits that are ripe and ready for you to take away, customise and use for your own brand. Created by Canva’s very talented team of designers, these kits are beautiful, functional, and suitable for just about any brand out there, from corporate to casual. Have a browse, get inspired, and get begin designing your very own brand today!

01. Whimsical: Muted Tones and Minimal Type

If you’re looking to create a charming and enchanting design, this template has it all. By using softly coloured filters and tones and very simple type, you’re able to create a stunning design. This template is perfect for any business looking to incorporate a little heart, a little magic and a little whimsy into their designs.

02. Corporate: Block Colours and Sharp Angles

Who said corporate designs have to be boring? Spice up your business’ designs with these striking templates. Using sleek angles and striking colours creates a design that is the perfect blend of professional and modern. So, if you’re looking to add a dash of modernity into your corporate design, check out this highly customisable design.

03. Minimal: A Simple Palette and Bold Type

Nicholas Burroughs once said that “Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something” and this template does just that for you. Balancing out your imagery with some simple elements, tall type and a small palette keeps things minimal and flexible. This template is perfect for any business looking for a low-maintenance design that looks good in any light.

04. Bold: Striking Type and Vivid Colours

Does your brand have a strong message? Well, get that message across in an instant by pairing large, bold, vibrant type over a powerful image – bonus points if your chosen colour is sampled from your image. This template is perfect for any brand with a strong message, from gyms right through to streetwear labels.

05. Orchard: Soft Tones and Clean Type

By using some more muted and desaturated filters on your images, just as this template encourages, you can create a gentler, less garish effect, perfect for any brand that wants to appear more ‘down to earth’ and authentic. Also, let this template kern your type loosely to give it a bit more space to breathe, creating an overall sophisticated and clean look for your design. In short, this template kit is just perfect for any brands that are a little dreamy, natural or rustic.

06. Ventures: Geometric Elements and High-Contrast Palettes

Creating high contrast designs was never easier thanks to this template. Use simple but sharp lines and a striking colour palette to grab attention right away, and then hold that attention with some sleek typefaces to add an element of sophistication to your message. This template is perfect for any professional or corporate brands looking to get a little bit simpler and a whole lot sharper.

07. Spray On: High Contrast and A Striking Accent Colour

Use this template to splash a bold brush typeface over some monochromatic images for a really striking effect. By angling your type slightly and letting it bleed off of the page, you’re able to create a punchy and ‘carefully crude’ effect. This template is perfect for any brand or business looking to create a totally non-corporate, more urban and handcrafted-looking design.

08. Floristree: Romantic Imagery and Elegant Type

Are you looking to channel elegance and daintiness in your design? Consider customising this template, then. This template steers away from any harsh black colours and instead uses grey tones with the softly coloured imagery, creating a much more dreamy and romantic feel. This design is perfect for any brand looking to add a touch of the finer things into their communications.

09. Bespoke: Bold Graphics and Textured Images

For a very modern, bold and effective template, be sure to check this one out! This fashionable design pairs textured images with sharp shapes and type to create a bold, eye-catching look. So, if your brand is looking to create something a bit more modern, a bit bolder and a lot more striking, give this template a shot.

10. Cafe Noir: Warm Tones and Minimal Graphics

Keep things simple and inviting with this toasty template. Pairing some warmer brown tones with a pop of colour along the bottom of your visuals helps liven up your design and also creates a strong colour palette right at your disposal. Offset this warm palette with a simple white serif typeface to keep it all clean and friendly and just like that you have a delightful design, perfect for any inviting, friendly and warm brands.

11. Wilderlands: Balanced and Fresh

This kit keeps things clean and clear with a sharp palette, cooly-filtered images and some nicely balanced type. This kit is just perfect for anybody looking to keep their brand looking both clean and clear, but also fresh and fun.

12. Bans Olden: Classic Typography and Elegant Elements

If you’re looking for a timeless design with a touch of old-world charm, this kit has got you covered. This design uses elegant serif typefaces, a super simple palette and plenty of room for custom imagery to make for a flexible and foolproof design suited for just about any business looking to add a bit of class to their designs.

13. Clean and Green: Crisp Type and Natural Imagery

Are you looking to channel all things clean, clear and natural? Well, be sure to check this set of templates out. With a mix of italic, bold and regular serif typefaces, this template creates a classic and clean effect that looks beautiful when paired with a textured image. An ideal template for any business looking to combine elegance with all things natural and calming.

14. Tourkyo: Urban Palette and A Striking Palette

Looking for a modern and bold design? Look no further, because this template has it all. By pairing muted greys with more lively colours as sampled from your high-saturation images, you can create a stunning contrast. This kit is all about the balancing of elements, so be prepared to crop your images in unique ways to shift the focus about, and perhaps toy with the idea of a few icons. Keep it fresh, modern and vibrant!

15. Hip Hop: Textured Imagery and Sharp Graphics

Did you know that by simply pairing some textured images with some sharp graphics, you could make a visually effective design? No? Well, you’re in luck because this easily customisable template has done just that for you. Add in your own logo or experiment with Canva’s myriad of icons available to tailor this flexible design to your brand.

16. Hello Media: Stylish Patterns and Simple Type

This kit is perfect for brands that want something fun and quirky but also legible and not overcomplicated. This kit uses super simple type and a small colour palette, all of which is complemented by the playful chevron pattern – a simple but effective way to add some fun graphic elements into your design. So, if your brand likes to work hard and play hard, use this template to reflect just that.

17. Sailor’s Pub: Vibrant Palette and Sharp Graphics

This nautical design uses a striking palette with plenty of contrast to grab all the right kinds of attention. Vibrant colours and sharp graphics keep this design fun, engaging and eye-catching. So, if that sounds anything like your business’ ethos, get going with this template right away.

18. Tres Bien: Ornate Type and A Glamorous Palette

If you’re looking to create a design for your brand that is equal parts classy and charming, give this kit a whirl. The gold and blush tones make for a glamorous effect, and the combination of a ornate type with a more simpler, thinner one makes for a stunning contrast. This design screams elegance, so if your brand reflects some of the finer things in life, then this template is for you.

19. Consulting: Sophisticated Type and A Chic Palette

This just in: monochrome is the new black. This template kit uses various shades of charcoal greys and blacks, offset with a matching textured image to create a beautifully sleek set of templates for you. This kit is just about perfect for any brand that wants a design that channels both style and sophistication.

20. Wedding Planners: Rich Tones and Bold Accent Colours

This brand kit is a pinnacle of low-maintenance and high-effectiveness. The use of bold, colours, large type and minimal elements makes this design easy to navigate, read and customise. Pair the elegant typographic titles with some visually captivating and coolly filtered images for a super quick, simple and tailored design, perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-use but classical and sophisticated template!

21. Digital Marketing: Clean Lines and Fresh Colours

If you’re looking to create a fresh, modern design that’s still simple and flexible, check out this kit. The beauty of this kit lies in how incredibly simple it is – simple palette, simple font selection, simple design elements. With a fresh but professional palette, a strong sense of alignment and a clean design, this kit is ready to go for any of your professional business needs.

22. Urban Architecture: Sophisticated Imagery and Luxurious Type

What happens when you mix a little bit of the charm of film noir, a whole lot of professionality, and some sleek, sharp images? Answer: You get this template kit. Perfect for any corporate or professional businesses, this design uses simple monochromatic elements, visually stunning imagery, and a classic serif typeface to create a luxurious and high-class design.

23. PR Agency: Fluorescent Colours and Geometric Shapes

Want to grab a lot of attention really quickly? Well, this set is definitely for you, then. Breaking it down, the fundamentals of this design are pretty simple, but when paired with a vivid signature colour, this design really leaps off the page and screen. Coupled with bold, geometric type and plenty of white space, this design is vibrant without being gaudy, perfect for any creative brand that isn’t afraid of a little fluorescence.

24. Shipping: Bold Lines and Duotone Imagery

This set of templates use simple shapes, type and bold lines to create an incredibly flexible design ready to be tailored to your exact needs. Place just about any image you like in the background, and it’ll be instantly branded with your signature colour/s. The use of a duotone colour effect on your imagery will not only bring forth your colour palette, but it also help your overlaid type and graphic elements really stand out. In short, this is a highly flexible design, perfectly suited for any professional business looking to flaunt their colour palette.

25. Online Store: Minimal Elements and Two-Tone Backgrounds

This brand kit is perfect from just about any communication medium, from print to online. Minimal, geometric, and timeless, this template is highly flexible and incredibly easy to tailor to your needs. Use these templates to break your background up into two similar shades for a quick and simple way to create some depth and brand every visual communication. This kit would be perfect for retail environments, or anyone looking for an easy way to make a classy, geometric design.

26. Law Office: Muted Filters and Simple Typography

Made up of strong horizontal and vertical lines, this template kit is equal parts professional and modern. Running some type up along the edges helps you to guide your consumers’ eye around the design, making this template not only modern in appearances, but functional in purpose. The muted filters used over the imagery also help to create a much calmer and softer effect, making sure the ‘modern’ look remains trustworthy, and not too edgy or abrasive.

27. Radio Station: Geometric Shapes and Overlaid Elements

Looking for something modern, stylish and sharp? Well, this template’s got you covered. Blending geometric shapes with filtered images and a large, serif typeface gives you a dynamic and engaging design. So, if you’ve got a sharp, contemporary brand and want a design that reflects just that, be sure to check out this template kit.

28. Marx Worldwide: Polished Colours and Clean Type

The colour blue, particularly navy blue, is thought to signal trustworthiness, intelligence and stability. So, what better template to use for your corporate or professional business than this one? This kit combines thin typefaces with heavier ones to make a strong contrast against the dark blue, creating a sharp, clean and polished effect, certain to grab attention. So, if you’re looking to reflect your company’s professionalism and trustworthiness, you can definitely place your trust in this template.

29. Hivery: Monochromatic Patterns and Breathable White Space

Patterns are an awesome tool to use in your branding, but they can easily be overwhelming when not balanced out with enough white space. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about doing any balancing, because this template has got you covered. The sharp, retro-inspired, geometric patterning is beautifully offset with plenty of whitespace, giving your written content plenty of space to shine. Add some colour or keep it sleek and monochrome, whatever you choose to do, this template will be ideal for all sophisticated and creative business ventures.

30. Branding Agency: Lively Colours and Fashionable Type

Let the colour do the talking with this stylish and elegant template kit, perfect for any contemporary-minded businesses. Using a warm yellow as the signature colour attracts immediate attention, and is also through to project notions of intelligence, happiness and friendliness. This cheery colour is contrasted with some beautiful serif typefaces, making the design as a whole equal parts fun and friendly, and classic and elegant. A win/win situation all round.

31. Design Studio: Contrasting Colours and Bold Typography

Is your brand experimental, creative and innovative? Always a step ahead stylistically? Well, naturally you want to make sure your branding reflects just that. This template kit uses strongly contrasting reds, blues and blacks, and simple widely spaced type to create a design that is just as sleek as it is modern. With minimal graphic elements, this template makes it all too quick and easy to stay on trend.

32. Bookstore: Warm Tones and Block Colours

Keep things simple, warm and inviting with this beautiful brand kit. Incredibly flexible and adaptable, this kit gives you the chance to pair a vibrant signature colour with some beautifully filtered imagery and some clean, crisp type. This design is not only highly legible and navigable but it’s also inviting and ready to be tailored to your exact needs. A super simple template to use, tailor and adapt to for just about any needs.

33. Museum: An Elegant Palette and Classic Type

Are you looking for a design that combines old-world elegance with contemporary design? Once again, this template has got you covered. The heavy serif typeface is the dominant trait of this template, making your written message the key focus. Highlight the most important pieces of information with the warm signature colour as well to really hone in that message. With a simple muted palette and a fairly minimal design, this template is sophisticated and elegant, perfect for any brands who want to add a bit of class into their designs.

34. Clothing: Bold Colours and Even Bolder Type

Does your brand often have something to say? A lot of announcements, messages, offers, etc.? Well, why not say it loudly with this template that puts type in the forefront. A large, bright and clean typeface ensures that the message of each visual piece is the key focus. With plenty of white space to balance out the type and vibrant use of colour, the design is kept strong but not overbearing. So, if you’re looking for a simple design that will ensure nothing is lost in translation, have a whirl with this template!

35. Flora and Fauna: Gently Blurred Imagery and Crisp Type

Want to add some depth and colour to your brand’s designs? Check out this template that uses a blurred photograph as a background, making for a beautiful gradient-like effect that still captures the essence of the image. This softened imagery is coupled with simple, clean white type, tying the whole design together in one beautiful and clean bow. This template kit is perfect for any brand that prides themselves on their gentle touch and romantic tone.

36. Design Studio: Playful Colours and Strong Typefaces

Are you looking for a playful, fun and creative design that’s also functional? Well, with its charming colour palette and strong use of type, this template might be just for you. Using a heavy typeface that contrasts beautifully against the deep purple backgrounds, allows for the most important bits of information to be highlighted and made incredibly easy to read, helping you get your message across in an instant.

37. Inbound Marketing Agency: Strong Colours and Sharp Iconography

Who believes that corporate brands need to be dull and colourless? Not us, and definitely not this template. This brand kit uses two vibrant and bold feature colours to create a professional design worthy of any corporate group. So, if you want to put a bit of the ‘fun’ back into ‘functional’, why not try out this vibrant template kit?

38. Naïveté: Sharp Shapes and Sleek Dark Tones

With a smart dark palette, this is one design that screams sophistication. The strong black background when coupled with the thin white borders keeps this design simple, sleek and sharp. This template set is perfect for any stylish brands who want to keep things simple, flexible and timeless – because black never goes out of style.

39. Stockton Cafe: Cool Greys and Simple Patterns

‘Sophisticated’ doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’. Channel your own kind of sophistication with this engaging and beautiful template that pairs cool grey tones with a flexible and stylish geometric pattern. All topped off with a super simple selection of serif typefaces, this design will complement any brand that wants to look smart and sophisticated.

40. Midsummer MF: Geometric Borders and Clean, Legible Typesetting

Looking for a simple, clean and neat way to present a lot of written information? Give this kit a look-see! By dividing your information into boxes and using a focal colour to highlight important pieces of information, you can easily turn a lot of type into an easily digested graphic! This set of templates are incredibly useful for anyone looking for a fast, easy and fairly minimal way to make a chunk information look good.

41. Culture: Desaturated Imagery and Minimal Type

Keep things clean and simple, but also very urban and chic with this template. The palette of this template is kept sharp, with lots of clean and crisp shapes, plenty of whitespace, and super simple geometric type. This template also helps you to brand your images by using filters to desaturate them slightly to give them a more cohesive and alluring look.

42. Haage Auto Shop: Punchy Colour and Striking Type

This design is perfect for all of your bolder brands who are on the hunt for a punchier, bolder and braver design. Every element in this template is big and bold, from the type and colour, down to the borders and graphic elements. A perfect template for any beefier brand looking for a strong and no-nonsense design that looks mighty good in just about any light.

43. Spark.org: Tranquil Imagery and Calming Tones

This kit blends a professional-looking design with calming colours and elements. If you’re searching about for a design that is equal parts inspiring and trustworthy, have a go with this template. By pairing some simple, clean-cut typefaces and a wistful image, coloured to fit your brand, this template kit creates a trustworthy design that combines professionalism with a little heart and dreaminess.

44. The Xocolate Atelier: A Smart Palette and Old-School Type

This template is the epitome of old-world charm, with type and colours inspired by old shop signage, this design is sure to churn up a little nostalgia. Using a mix of serif and sans-serif typefaces helps you channel those classic signage pieces, and the black and cream palette polishes the smart vintage-inspired look off nicely. Use this template if you want to boost your brand’s dapperness value up a notch or two.

45. Sullivan & Sons: Luxurious Typography and A Warm Palette

Keep things inviting, warm and classy with this simple but beautiful template. With the elegant serif typefaces and simple palette of a warm chocolate brown and clean white makes for a classy (and super easy to maintain/customise) design. This template is perfect for any brand seeking a super simple but classy and engaging design.

46. Organik: Crisp Colours and Clean Type

Supercharge your brand’s design with this fresh, fun and clean template. This design manages to capture the idea of vitality and energy by simply using a vibrant colour, clean blocks and super simple type. This template is flexible and adaptable to suit your need, perfect for any brand that wants to project some positivity and vibrancy through their designs.

47. Balkan Studio Arkitektur: Muted Filters and Soft Colours

Do you want a design that looks professional and cultured, but not too sharp or edgy? Check out this template that steers away from anything too sharp by avoiding the use of any heavily saturated or too-dark colours. Instead, using muted and slightly desaturated filters for the imagery, and cool greys instead of blacks, this template keeps things softer but still just as professional, ideal for any brands that want to smooth down the edginess just a tad.

48. East Coast Barbershop: Earthy Tones and Urban Type

Pairing some earthy tones and sharp, sleek type can create a cool and cultural look, perfect for the more urban brands amongst us. Colour your images with some sepia and cool grey tones to create a funky, earthy tone, and then use the tall signature typeface to draw attention to your message. A simple, urban template ready to be tailored to your exact needs.

49. Swim: Geometric Type and A Clean Palette

If you’re on the hunt for a design that is airy, fresh and calm, this is the template for you. With plenty of open white space to keep the design open and breathable, and thin, simple typefaces to keep it clean and easy to customise. When paired with some beautiful imagery, this template is a sure winner for any brand looking for something simpler, calmer, but still very stylish.

50. Creative NY: Soft Tones and Smart Typography

Keep things fashionable, trendy and smart with this template, perfect for any style-making business or brand who are in the market for something simple and chic. By using soft filters and muted greys, coupled with some strong but simple typefaces, this design keeps things equal parts professional and stylish.

Creating a successful and beautiful brand can be tricky, but so worth it. A good brand is like a frame that helps complement the picture inside. If you get a frame that doesn’t match, looks a bit worn out or is falling to bits, your picture and content will suffer.

So, save yourself from a lacklustre design and let your content shine by taking and customising these brand kit templates. Complete with beautiful typefaces, gorgeous colours and simple but effective compositions, you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

We know designing for the workplace is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting future projects we have on the way, and for plenty of handy guides, tips, and tricks to keep design fun and easy.

Mary is a recent graduate from a Perth university where she studied creative writing and graphic design and got the bug for both. She has a knack for vector art and for taking on projects that are ambitious to a fault. When she’s not freelancing, she’s usually hunting for cheesy 80’s music videos.