Social media can be a great tool to increase your online presence, but as more brands jump on the Internet bandwagon, marketing clutter can make it hard to compete. With competition on the rise, making your brand stand out on social media is more important than ever.

Five Social Media Tips That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

Here are our social media tips to create an unforgettable online brand:

1 Use Colors That Make a Statement


Have you ever spent an awesome day at the beach and burst out of the ocean- board in hand- only to feel like a Coke? Nope, it’s not just a coincidence.

The graphic above, cited in the Huffington Post, shows brands that have used a range of colors to indicate their philosophy. In the same way that Coke uses ‘red’ to associate excitement with their product, using colors with impact will help you appeal to your target audience.

Big brands are well aware of the lasting impact of color on consumers. Last year, Cadbury claimed it was ‘devasted’ after it lost a five-year battle with Nestle to trademark its iconic royal purple colour.

Looking forward, Apple’s iPhone 5c campaign describes the choice between four colored handsets as a personality test:

“Color is more than just a hue. It expresses a feeling. Makes a statement. Declares an allegiance. Color reveals your personality.” iPhone 5c, in five anything-but-shy colors, does just that. It’s not just for lovers of color. It’s for the colorful.”

2 Be Consistent

Five Social Media Tips That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

Social media includes virtually anything you post online: tweets, Facebook posts, likes, shares, web content and more. Business specialist Lorrie Ross explains how a brand’s authenticity relies on consistency. The good news is it’s easily maintained; something as simple a style guide can ensure your logo, fonts and discourse all match up.

Just take a look at the success of Nike over Reebok. ‘Just do it’ is one of the most recognisable slogans of all time, while Reebok has changed its slogan 14 times since 1987.

3 Display Your Brand Philosophy Through Your Logo

Five Social Media Tips That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

As you expand your social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, and other web platforms, a successful logo will become the anchor of your brand. The Google typeface is a prime example of a logo that represents its brands philosophy.  The simple typeface features a pattern of primary colours (blue, red, yellow) and an isolated green ‘l’. By breaking the mould, the idea is put forward that Google isn’t a company that follows the rules.

A valid point to consider when deciding on your brand logo is: what don’t you want it to represent?

4 Less is More

Five Social Media Tips That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

This is a golden rule. While social media platforms hold the benefit of sending information out the masses, posts must always remain meaningful.

As research from Small Business Search Marketing shows, posting too frequently and ‘boring’ content were cited at the most popular reasons for people to unfollow and unlike brands.

5 Be Human

Five Social Media Tips That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

The Economy Group credits one the main reason for making your brand seem like a person to build trust. Respond to enquiries on a first name basis, and don’t be afraid to use colloquial dialogue and humor.

This LinkedIn blog uses a great analogy you can test against your brand: Would you grab a bite with your blog? If your answer was ‘yes’, chances are your audience will be more inclined to engage with your brand as if it were a trusted neighbor, or a friend over lunch.

You know a great brand when you see one online. Who are your favorite brands to follow on social media? Why do you like to follow them? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Anna heads up several of Canva's content marketing projects, including her favourite: Design School. She's passionate about the way content can be used to create a meaningful synergy between businesses and their audiences. Say hello on Twitter @AnnaIsabella92.