60 Free Fonts for Minimalist Designs

Sometimes when you go searching for the perfect font for a design, you have a particular look or style in mind. But other times, you just want something simple, clean, and modern.

If that’s the case, then you might be leaning toward a minimalist design style.

As a design concept, minimalism is driven by the idea that less is more. Design elements are pared down to only the essential, and what’s left is presented in the simplest way possible, without extra embellishments.

Minimalism got its start as a design movement in the early 20th century and had a surge of popularity in the 1960s. Along the way, its influence found its way into many design fields, from architecture and furniture to moviemaking and print design.

Now, minimalism has made a comeback (or another upswing in popularity), and you may notice that many of the designs you see or interact with on a daily basis have been influenced by minimalism — just think of Apple’s products and packaging and Google’s new branding.

If you need a font that will work well in a minimalist design, there are several qualities that you can look for:

  • clean lines and crisp edges;
  • geometric shapes: this will mostly come into play in how the letters are formed;
  • an open or airy appearance: created by white space within or between letters;
  • design details that have significance or purpose;
  • good legibility: this usually means larger letters overall, moderately tall lowercase letters, and easily identifiable letter shapes; and,
  • visual impact: this could be in the design of a typeface (i.e. it’s bold or all uppercase) or in how you as a designer apply the font (at a large size or in a prominent position, etc.).

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a collection of typefaces that feature these types of characteristics and more. All are free to use and ready for you to download now!

01. Museo Sans by Exljbris Font Foundry

Description: sturdy, geometric, highly legible sans-serif typeface suited for both display and text use; includes regular weight plus matching italic style

Download at: Fontspring

02. Museo Slab by Exljbris Font Foundry

Description: friendly slab serif with open letterforms designed to be paired with Museo Sans; includes regular weight plus matching italic style

Download at: Fontspring

03. BW Quinta Pro Light by Branding With Type

Description: contemporary humanist sans design that’s airy and easy to read

Download at: Fontspring

04. Simplifica by KAIWA

Description: simple and clear, slightly condensed sans-serif typeface with a thin, uniform line width and details that enhance legibility

Download at: Behance

05. Gidole by Andreas Larsen

Description: contemporary, geometric typeface released in 2015; more weights forthcoming here

Download at: Font Squirrel

06. Blogger Sans by Sergiy Tkachenko

Description: created for website headlines with a smooth, clear design; includes four weights and matching italics

Download at: Fontfabric

07. Gogoia by Alan de Sousa & Fontfabric

Description: tall display typeface in all uppercase letters inspired by Brazilian culture; includes an extra, more decorative version

Download at: Fontfabric

08. Perfograma by Asen Petrov

Description: inspired by early computing machines with a simplistic, dot-based design

Download at: Fontfabric

09. Panton by Fontfabric

Description: modern, geometric sans serif with good legibility for both print and web; includes light and black weights with matching italics

Download at: Fontfabric

10. Uni Sans by Svet Simov, Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev

Description: clean, all-caps sans-serif typeface; includes thin and heavy weights with matching italics

Download at: Fontfabric

11. Prime by Max Pirsky

Description: sans-serif typeface with a “techy” feel and geometric formation that maintains readability at various sizes; includes regular and light weights

Download at: Fontfabric

12. Hero by Fontfabric

Description: multipurpose sans-serif typeface designed with wide, clear letter shapes; includes light and normal weights

Download at: Fontfabric

13. Corbert by Jonathan Hill

Description: clear, legible sans-serif typeface with geometric shapes influenced by the Bauhaus design movement; includes regular and italic weights plus a condensed version

Download at: The Northern Block – Regular, Italic, Condensed Regular & Italic

14. Lulo Clean Outline Bold by Yellow Design Studio

Description: generously spaced, outline-style typeface with clean, blocky letters in all caps

Download at: MyFonts

15. Dense Regular by Charles Daoud

Description: compact, geometric sans-serif; includes upper and lowercase letters

Download at: CharlesDaoud.com

16. Novecento Sans Wide by Synthview Type Design

Description: all-caps display typeface with a balanced, geometric design influenced by European typography from the 19th and 20th centuries; includes six weights, no italics

Download at: Fontspring

17. Capsuula by Henrich Fichna

Description: rounded sans-serif with unique letter shapes and an open look

Download at: Font Squirrel

18. Quicksand by Andrew Paglinawan

Description: sans-serif featuring simple, geometric space and wide spacing; includes three weights with matching italics, plus a dashed display style

Download at: Font Squirrel

19. Geometria Light by Brownfox

Description: neutral but modern sans-serif typeface with thin, geometric letters

Download at: Fontspring

20. Raleway by The League of Movable Type

Description: versatile sans-serif type family useful for both display type and text; includes nine weights with matching italics

Download at: Font Squirrel

21. Kelson by Armasen Typefaces

Description: slightly condensed sans-serif with a friendly appearance; includes six weights, no italics

Download at: MyFonts

22. Infinity by Tarin Yuangtrakul

Description: casual typeface composed of simple lines and curves

Download at: Behance

23. NOOA by Antoine Pilette

Description: ­all-caps display typeface with a contemporary, demi-serif design and sharp details; currently only available in vector format

Download at: Behance

24. Kirvy by Youssef Habchi

Description: simplified sans serif with atypical letter shapes; includes four weights, no italics

Download at: Behance

25. QG by Anthony James

Description: experimental typeface in all uppercase letters featuring fluid shapes and extra white space

Download at: Behance

26. Fox & Cat by Jo Aguilar

Description: linear, single-weight design with a casual, slightly imperfect look that resembles handwritten printing

Download at: Behance

27. Break by Rajesh Rajput

Description: ­­modern display typeface with unconnected letters; includes both upper and lowercase alphabets in five weights

Download at: Behance

28. Lovelo by Renzier Design

Description: sharp, geometric display typeface in all capital letters; includes a bold weight plus two line versions

Download at: Fontfabric

29. Arca Majora by Alfredo Marco Pradil

Description: uppercase-only, high-impact sans serif in a single, heavy weight

Download at: Behance

30. Kolikö by Alex Frukta & Vladimir Tomin

Description: clean and geometric yet unexpected letter structure; includes three weights, no italics

Download at: Behance

31. Modeka by Gatis Vilaks

Description: light, angular design that combines sharp and round shapes

Download at: Freshhh

32. Rodina Regular by Christian Pannicke

Description: spacious, rounded sans serif with extra characters

Download at: Fontsup

33. Komoda by Asia Ang

Description: all-caps display typeface with a compact, condensed structure

Download at: FontM

34. Jaden by Aritra Das

Description: geometric, sans-serif display typeface with stylized letters; uppercase only

Download at: Behance

35. Arkhip by Klimov Design

Description: unique display typeface with contrasting curved and linear elements influenced by Russian typographic traditions

Download at: Arkhip Font

36. Bavro by Marcelo Reis Melo

Description: clean, smooth sans-serif design in all caps

Download at: Free Goodies for Designers

37. Kanji by Pedro Azedo

Description: linear display typeface inspired by Chinese and Japanese characters

Download at: Behance

38. Axis by Jean Wojciechowski

Description: geometric sans-serif design inspired by urban architecture; includes upper and lowercase letters

Download at: Behance

39. Panama Light by Adrien Coquet

Description: sans-serif display typeface with a quirky, slightly retro style

Download at: Behance

40. Asap by Omnibus-Type

Description: simple, rounded sans-serif design with a friendly, casual style; includes three weights plus matching italics

Download at: Behance

41. Archivo Black by Omnibus-Type

Description: bold but clear sans serif that falls into the grotesque type category (generally straight and uniform in structure, not inspired by calligraphy)

Download at: Behance

42. Quark by Typomancer

Description: modern sans serif with unexpected letter variations; includes light and bold weights

Download at: Behance

43. Ahamono by Alfredo Marco Pradil

Description: uncomplicated sans serif with a monospaced structure (same amount of space between every letter)

Download at: Behance

44. Shket by Juan Francisco Garrido

Description: modern, condensed sans serif designed for display use at large sizes

Download at: FontM

45. Macondo Grotesk by Giuseppe Fierro

Description: stylized, retro sans-serif typeface; uppercase only

Download at: Behance

46. Rambla Alt by TipoType

Description: slightly condensed, proportional sans serif designed for good readability, specifically for setting medium-length text

Download at: TipoType

47. Económica by TipoType

Description: somewhat angular sans-serif design developed to help save space and maintain legibility in complex typesetting situations

Download at: TipoType

48. Vegur by TipoType

Description: sans-serif typeface with versatile, neutral style; includes three weights, no italics

Download at: TipoType

49. VDS by Artmaker

Description: rounded, modern style formed by simple lines and curves; includes four weights plus matching italics

Download at: FontM

50. Qontra by Tomaz Hrastar

Description: condensed sans serif designed for everyday use; includes upper and lowercase letters

Download at: Behance

51. Hapna Mono by The Northern Block

Description: contemporary, monospaced serif typeface with an open, geometric structure

Download at: The Northern Block

52. Planer Regular by The Northern Block

Description: modern sans serif that combines rounded and angular qualities and is designed for good readability even at small sizes

Download at: The Northern Block

53. Tondu Beta by The Northern Block

Description: chunky sans serif for display use

Download at: The Northern Block

54. Kel by Keine Martins

Description: clean, uppercase sans serif with unusual edge styling

Download at: Behance

55. Tale by Renz Jezrel Abong

Description: sturdy, all-caps design in regular, bold, and italic

Download at: Behance

56. Synthesia by Cahya Sofyan

Description: stylistic, rounded sans serif designed with unique letterforms

Download at: Behance

57. Loew Heavy by The Northern Block

Description: simple, geometric sans serif with a bold, industrial style

Download at: The Northern Block

58. Znikomit by Grzegorz Luk

Description: thin, stylish serif typeface with an open structure

Download at: Dafont

59. AW Conqueror Sans Light by Jean François Porchez

Description: versatile sans serif influenced by European typography styles during the early- to mid-20th century

Download at: Typofonderie

60. Gasalt by Remi Lagast

Description: display typeface with a wide, geometric structure and quirky letter shapes inspired by the simplistic typography featured in retro video games

Download at: Behance

Time to Download!

We hope that you’ve found some fresh new fonts to add to your collection here. To the best of our knowledge, all of them are free and available for commercial use. But please make sure to double check any documentation or license attached to a font before using it in a design, just to make sure you’re good to go from a legal/copyright standpoint. Otherwise, enjoy your new fonts!

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Are there any great, free fonts we missed that would work well in a minimalist design? Share in the comments below — and, as always, happy designing!

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