Visual marketing for Facebook just got easier! Canva listens to the wishes of our users and people said more Facebook templates please. Our designers really hit a homerun with these Facebook design templates!


According to Socialbakers, 87% of the top most engaging posts were photos and we know you want your content to be seen so we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched Facebook post templates that you can remix and customize. We’ve used the 940 pixel by 788 pixel size that looks spectacular in the newsfeed, timeline, and on mobile displays.

To power up your Facebook design, use the proper size images so you get great visibility in the newsfeed and on mobile devices. Currently, images that are 940 pixels by 788 pixels are centered and preview well on Facebook. If you have your Instagram photos feed in as square images or use other sizes, they look okay on the Facebook page but are different sizes in the newsfeed or on mobile. Embedded links pull through images and they look good on the Facebook page but are smaller on mobile devices.

Adding branding to your graphics in the form of your logo, website URL, or phone number is important for helping people find you. Your image will hopefully be shared off your Facebook page and this will help more people find your Facebook page and business on the web. You can even add a call to action on the photo such as Questions? Call as at 1-800-Best-Tip or email us at for more information.

Here are a few sample Facebook post template examples:

facebook post template

We’ve created a variety of different styles and you can change the photos, fonts, filters, add elements – the only limit is your imagination!

facebook post template

But that’s not all! We’ve also created a series of remixable templates for Facebook app design. These are some general specs from Facebook:

  • Use high quality and high resolution images and icons.
  • Keep images relevant to your application and accurately reflect the app experience.
  • Comply with our Facebook Branding Standards and Content Standards.
  • Don’t use pixelated, stretched, or distorted images.
  • If you use text or copy, keep it concise and don’t obstruct the images.
  • Don’t use excessive text, website URLs, or promotional advertisements.
  • Don’t include third-party logos or ‘play’ buttons which can confuse users.

Here are a few examples from our new Facebook app designs with the optimal size of 810 pixels x 310 pixels.

facebook app template

Untitled design (1)

Untitled design

You can find both sets of templates on your main design page in the top navigation, just slide the bar underneath for more templates.
We’ve created Pinterest boards for both design types.

Follow Canva’s board Canva Layouts: Facebook App on Pinterest.

Follow Canva’s board Canva Layouts: Facebook Post on Pinterest.

We hope that these new Facebook designs along with our Facebook cover templates and Facebook ad designs will help your visual marketing be a success. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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