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Branding your business

This branding design course will give you the tools to start up your brand.
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Brand design course - what's a brand - James Gilmore

How do we define a brand? Think of it as the promise you make to your customers.

Brand design course - start with purpose - Nathalie Smith -2

Start off with purpose and values. Successful brands are clear about what they stand for.

Brand design course - Find your tribe - Nathalie Smith

Your brand isn’t made for everyone. So narrow it down and find your audience.

Branding design course - Add some personality non Bell - 2

Think of your brand as a person, how would you describe it? Explore archetypes to define your personality.

Brand design course - Give it a name - Shannon Bell

What’s in a name? You want a brand name that’s unique, future proof AND available.

Brand design course - Design your logo - James Gilmore

What makes a logo so powerful? Design a logo that tells a greater story for your brand.

Brand design course - Find the right font - James Gilmore

Different fonts evoke different emotions. Make sure your brand fonts fit its personality.

Branding design course - Mind your tone - Shannon Bell

Your brand voice is how you express personality through language. Consistency is key.

Brand design course - connect with color - James Gilmore

Color association is a powerful thing. So choose your brand colors carefully.

Branding design course - style your imagery - Jason Little

Imagery matters now more than ever. Your imagery should help tell your brand story.

Brand design course - build a brand kit - James Gilmore

A style guide is a single source of truth. Use it to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Branding design course - Evolve your brand - Jason Little

A brand is not set in stone.   Your brand should evolve as your company does.


The Experts

James Gilmore
James is Creative Director at DesignStudio and has built brands for companies including Logitech, The Premier League, Roli and Treatwell. He’s also a design mentor as part of D&AD New Blood.
Natalie Smith
Natalie is a strategy director at R/GA. She has worked with brands like Tiffany, Beats by Dre, Samsung and Unilever. She believes branding has the power to drive business growth and behavioural change.
Jason Little
Jason founded For The People, with the belief that creative businesses need to rethink how they operate, in order to put people at the heart of who they are and what they do.
Shannon Bell
Shannon Bell is the Creative Director at Re Agency. She specialises in bringing a brand’s personality to life through voice.


  • 12 lesson videos
  • 23 min


In this course we’ll give you the tools you need to start up your brand. We’ll explore how you can find your brand’s purpose, personality and name, how to design a logo, and more.

What You'll Learn

  • How to start with your brand’s purpose
  • How to focus in and find your audience
  • How to find your brand’s personality
  • How to pick a brand name
  • How to find the right font for your brand
  • How to design your logo
  • How to connect with color
  • How to select your imagery
  • How to build a brand kit