Branding your business
Lesson 11

Build a Brand Kit

Brand design course - build a brand kit - James Gilmore
Branding design course - Evolve your brand - Jason Little
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Evolve your brand
  • The importance of consistency when it comes to branding
  • Why you need a style guide to be consistent
  • How to put a brand kit together in Canva
By now, you have all the elements you need to create a viable brand. Yes!
But how do you make sure these elements work together in harmony, to create a consistent brand experience, and deliver on your brand promise?
Build a brand kit.
You know if you spend several weeks, months, building an identity for your business, your organization, ultimately you then have to go back and potentially run the team, run the business and someone else will need to create assets, content, pieces of comms for you, and being able to give them the foundation of not only the ambition and the intent but all of the practical bits just to make it real and make it consistent and, you know, evolve that brand is incredibly important.

Whether you have one or 100 employees working with your brand it, should always have a consistent look and feel. This is where your style guide comes in a style guide, in a single source of truth.

It clearly explains how you will communicate visually including everything from your font formatting to your color coding.

To make it super clear, include examples of how things should look and how they shouldn’t.
In Canva, you can translate your style guide to a brand kit, add your brand colors, upload your brand fonts and of course your logo. Then, you can create branded templates that deliver consistency across everything from business cards to presentations, to Pinterest posts.

This way, your brand will hit the mark every time.

Branding your business Lessons

01 – What’s a brand?
02 – Start with purpose
03 – Find your tribe
04 – Add some personality
05 – Give it a name
06 – Design your logo
07 – Find the right font
08 – Mind your tone
09 – Connect with color
10 – Style your imagery
11 – Build a Brand Kit
12 – Evolve your brand