Branding your business
Lesson 9

Connect with color

Brand design course - connect with color - James Gilmore
Branding design course - style your imagery - Jason Little
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Style your imagery
  • What emotions we associate with different colors
  • The psychology behind brands and colors
  • Differentiate your brand from others

When it comes to branding, not all colors are created equal.
If you pay attention, you’ll notice some pretty interesting patterns.

Like, why are so many banks blue?
And why are so many health products green?
What’s going on here?

Connect with color.

Semiotics plays a huge part in color.
You know, we can all name the color of what a digger might be – it’s gonna be yellow.
Because it’s a bright warning color and it comes from nature.

So I think to find exactly what you need and what you want to be, it’s about thinking about what you want to communicate.

Do I want to be trusted?
Do I want to be edgy?
Do I want to be minimal and respected and quiet and actually make people think about who we are?

Your color should come from your motivation and go where you’re trying to take your identity.

Color has a really big impact on your brand.
That’s because different colors carry different associations for all of us.

What feelings do you want your brand to evoke?

Blue conveys a sense of safety and security. Making it the color of choice for finance and insurance.

Red conveys excitement and apparently stimulates hunger, which is why it’s used by so many
fast food brands.

You don’t want to be the same hue as everyone else either.
So try plotting out all of your competitors’ logos on a color wheel and see where they cluster.

Find a spot on a spectrum that’s unique to you and you’ll be well on your way to a vibrant future.

Branding your business Lessons

01 – What’s a brand?
02 – Start with purpose
03 – Find your tribe
04 – Add some personality
05 – Give it a name
06 – Design your logo
07 – Find the right font
08 – Mind your tone
09 – Connect with color
10 – Style your imagery
11 – Build a Brand Kit
12 – Evolve your brand