Branding your business
Lesson 6

Design your logo

Brand design course - Design your logo - James Gilmore
Brand design course - Find the right font - James Gilmore
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Find the right font
  • The different parts that make up a logo
  • How to tell your brand’s story with symbology
  • Best practices when designing your logo

Let’s take a walk back in time to the ancient Egyptians.
They created hieroglyphics, a system of storytelling that used symbols instead of words.

Modern day logos serve a similar purpose.
They are symbols that tell a greater story for your brand.

Design your logo.

The logo will always be one of the most important parts of your brand.
It clarifies and codifies everything you stand for, everything you want to be and everything you want to communicate.

It’s about connecting with your audience immediately, clearly and confidently.
And I think the danger in creating an identity which is over-complex, is that you can alienate a lot of people.

So my advice would always be to err on the side of clarity and simplicity.
And you can use other parts of your branding experience to communicate other facets of who you are and what you want to say.

A logo is made up of two parts: the symbol and the word mark.

Apple’s logo is a symbol. eBay’s logo is a word mark.
Fedex’s logo is both.  A word mark with a symbol hidden within.

Your logo should tell the story of your brand in the simplest possible way.
In Greek mythology, Nike is the winged goddess of victory. The famous Nike logo is a simplified wing.

It represents motion and speed. The word swoosh is the sound you hear as Michael Jordan speeds towards slam dunk.

When designing your logo, the font shapes and colors you choose will work together to communicate your brand’s promise.

So get sketching. Aim for a solution that is simple, unique and timeless.
If our ancestors could do it, so can you.

Branding your business Lessons

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02 – Start with purpose
03 – Find your tribe
04 – Add some personality
05 – Give it a name
06 – Design your logo
07 – Find the right font
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09 – Connect with color
10 – Style your imagery
11 – Build a Brand Kit
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