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Lesson 7

Find the right font

Brand design course - Find the right font - James Gilmore
Branding design course - Mind your tone - Shannon Bell
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Mind your tone
  • How different fonts evoke different emotions
  • How to find a font that fits your brand’s personality
  • How to choose complementary fonts for your brand

Different fonts evoke different emotions.
So when it comes to finding the right font for your brand, you want to make sure it fits your personality.

After all, it’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

Finding the right font.

Finding the right typeface comes back to understanding what you want to communicate, who you are and why you’re communicating in this way.

You can be big and loud and proud and brash, but if you are a minimal mid-century furniture company, that probably won’t feel right for you.

Typography is the opportunity to connect the dots between who you are and how you articulate that out into the world.

So, I think, think of it as another opportunity, like the logo and the, identity and the color system, to express a little bit of your personality, which will come to life through the language, but also through the typeface choice you make.

Typography sends a message to your tribe, about what they can expect from you, so choose a font that reflects your brand’s personality.

If you’re a wedding photographer, you might want a script font, which feels romantic.
If you’re a financial firm, you might want a serif font to convey reliability.

Once you have a logo font, you’ll need a complementary headline and body copy font to use consistently across all of your designs.

Consider how you format your type, too. All caps can feel authoritarian. Sentence case can feel more friendly.

IKEA chose all caps to submit their position as a powerhouse, while Amazon feels more fun and approachable.

Find the right font for your brand and give your words the personality they deserve.

Branding your business Lessons

01 – What’s a brand?
02 – Start with purpose
03 – Find your tribe
04 – Add some personality
05 – Give it a name
06 – Design your logo
07 – Find the right font
08 – Mind your tone
09 – Connect with color
10 – Style your imagery
11 – Build a Brand Kit
12 – Evolve your brand