Branding your business
Lesson 10

Style your imagery

Branding design course - style your imagery - Jason Little
Brand design course - build a brand kit - James Gilmore
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Build a Brand Kit
  • The importance of brand imagery
  • How to match your imagery to your brand personality
  • Tips for consistency across brand imagery
Your brand imagery is everything that makes up your brand’s visual aesthetic.
Icons, photos and illustrations all play a role and just like fonts and colors, they help your brand to tell a story and deliver on its promise.
Style your imagery.

The way, I guess, the most interesting thing about illustration is that it doesn’t need to be based on reality.

So you can have this weird idea that you would never be able to do in photography because it would involve flying to the moon, and you know having a having serve there. Or you can illustrate that.

And that means for tech products, new product, startups, a lot of the time they’re going: what what do I need in my imagery? I need to communicate an idea, but you know the product isn’t finished yet or we don’t have an audience participating with it yet, or so.

You can use illustration as as a really good foundation to communicate the ideas behind your product or service.

Whether your brand is illustration led or photography led, there’s no denying it imagery matters, now more than ever.

After all, every brand needs an Instagram page, right?

Whether you’re posting to social or laying out a magazine, brand imagery can really set the mood for your brand.
Vibrancy, contrast and composition are all ways you can make your images more ownable.

Applying a filter can give them a unique look and feel.

Just remember, consistency is key.
Do all of your images follow the same aesthetic?
And do they work in sync with all the other elements of your brand?

The meditation app Headspace is tied together beautifully with whimsical illustrations.
Their purpose is to improve the health and happiness of the world.

From their fonts to illustrations, to color palette, every brand element oozes happiness.

So if you want to build a brand that’s memorable, make sure your imagery style is on point.

Branding your business Lessons

01 – What’s a brand?
02 – Start with purpose
03 – Find your tribe
04 – Add some personality
05 – Give it a name
06 – Design your logo
07 – Find the right font
08 – Mind your tone
09 – Connect with color
10 – Style your imagery
11 – Build a Brand Kit
12 – Evolve your brand