Canva in the classroom

57,414 students

Build design literacy

– Discover creativity for the modern classroom
– Critical Digital Literacy & Project Based Learning
– Experiment with text and graphics in Canva

Design your environment

– The classroom as ‘The third teacher’
– Optimize color, light, and layout to improve academic performance
– How to select the right color palette

Inspire with posters

– How to make sure your posters stay relevant
– Searching for educational posters in Canva
– How to use hierarchy to give emphasis to the most important parts of your message

Engaging lesson plans

– Create beautiful lesson plans to keep both you and your students engaged
– Use dividing lines or housing shapes to give clarity to each section
– Embed links to videos, blog articles, podcasts, or worksheets

The graphic organizer

– Use graphic organizers to help enhance higher order thinking
– Easily customize your own organizers for the classroom
– Learn about the variety of ways graphic organizers can be used


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You have completed the course

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Creative presentation skills

– Find out why presentations skills are so important for students
– How to present a topic together, in teams, or smaller groups
– How to find beautiful presentation templates in Canva and keep them simple

01.Build design literacy



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