Graphic Design Basics
Lesson 7

Make it pop!

Graphic design course - Canva Design School - Make it pop
Graphic design course - Canva Design School - Color wheel basics
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Practice making your content pop with size, weight, color and style in this activity.
  • Use visual hierarchy to make the most important information stand out
  • Create contrast with size, weight, colour, style
  • Be bold when it comes to contrast

When people say a design pops, what do they mean?
A design that pops, grabs your attention.

You know where to look first and what’s most important.
There’s a focal point that jumps out of the page and into your memory.

Make it pop!

Sometimes, it’s can be like, limiting the colors and repetition.
If you look at this, it’s repetition. I’ve got clouds, I’ve got the blue and white stripes.
I’ve got a giraffe and I’ve got leaves.

There’s four elements in there and I’ve just repeated them, and repeated, and so repetition can really make a design pop.

Limiting your colors can really make it pop and, what I’ve done is, I used bright colors, like pastel colors, because they really contrast with my black lines.

To create a design that pops, you need contrast.
Contrast simply means difference.

Light and dark, big and small, bold and subtle, the key here is: don’t be a wimp.
Brown with black won’t create contrast. Neither will a size ten font with a size 14.

Be brave and play up those differences.
Once you’re clear on contrast, you can use it to create hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy helps the viewer know the importance of each element in your design in relation to the rest.

Imagine your audience only has a few seconds to see your design.
What’s the most important thing they need to take away?

Make this the biggest, boldest or brightest.
Remember, when everything stands out, nothing stands out.

So be brave, push for contrast and hierarchy in your design, and you’ll surely make it pop!

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