Graphic Design Basics
Lesson 2

Moodboard magic

Graphic design course - Canva Design School -Moodboard magic
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Feeling inspired? Practice what you've learned by creating your own moodboard!
  • How to begin the design process
  • How to create a moodboard
  • Where to find inspiration

So you need to create an invitation for an event. What’s the first thing you do?

Stare at a blank page and panic?

Let’s start by gathering some inspiration, explore possibilities and let our creative minds run wild.

Mood board magic.

There’s no rules to mood boards.

It’s just, when you look at the mood board, when you look at the board itself and you realize: “that’s exactly what I want to nail.”
That’s when you have an excellent mood board.

Or when you show it to someone, like, I’m thinking of something like this.
And when they see that, you get a smile, or a frown, or like an emotional reaction.

You’re like: okay, okay. You like it or you don’t like it?
Is it too stark? Is it too… You know.

If someone just gives you the flat expression, that’s probably because you only have images from Instagram, there.

There are plenty of ways to come up with ideas.
You can brainstorm, sketch or create a mood board.

What’s a mood board?
Well, it’s a magical collage of inspiration. It will give you a clear visual direction for your design project.

It can include photos, colors, descriptive words – just about anything!

So take a page and fill it up.

You can find inspiration everywhere from art to nature, on Pinterest or down the supermarket aisle.

Just make sure that images you choose compliment, not confuse what you’re communicating.

Once you have a magical mood board to guide and inspire you, it’s time to open up that designer’s toolbox.

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