By now you should have your logo, your color palette, your type palette, and your imagery sorted. So now comes the time to put your money where your mouth is and put all of it to work by creating your brand applications.

If you’ve constructed strong enough palettes and guides in the previous steps, this process should be easy, simply an act of slotting it all together. But, to help with that process, here’s a few tips and links to help you design each application like a pro.

Create Your Main Applications

Business Card

When designing a business card, if in doubt, simplify. The foolproof way towards a great business card design is to keep things simple, clean, and direct.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out our business card designs.


When designing letterheads, keep in mind that your design should never detract away from your letter’s content. If you find yourself being distracted by the design while trying to read the content, the design isn’t working very well.

Need to see more letterheads before you get started with your own? Have a look at these 20 case studies of some stunning letterheads and get ready to be inspired.


When creating your presentation design, build it in a way that will allow for varying amounts of content. One page may need a lot of imagery, while the next may need a lot of copy. Keep it flexible and keep it branded.

Click to edit this presentation design in Canva


When designing flyers, be sure to always orient your design around the key message. Keep the focus on the main communication so that viewers know immediately what you’re trying to tell them.

Love the template below? Use it and customise it for free on Canva right now!

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Design Your Web Presence

Website Content

No modern web page is 100% copy, so jazz your website up with some stunning and functional visual content pieces. From hero images to blog headers, create images that capture and reflect your brand and website’s content.

Email Signature

If you plan on communicating with clients via email, add an extra layer of authenticity and professionalism to your correspondences, by including a simple, functional email signature.

To get some inspiration and tips to designing your own signature, be sure to check out these tricks and beautiful examples.

Blog Graphics

Do you write a blog or website? If so, by designing blog graphics that complement your brand and your content you can give your blog a huge boost.

Use graphics and icons to create an infographic-like sheet of facts, or use photographs and filters to create beautiful visual assets to reflect your topic of the day.

Design Process Template

Keep Things Consistent

One of the biggest challenges in brand application design is keeping things consistent. The solution to this however is sticking as closely to your established guidelines as possible. This means designing your type, imagery and colors in a consistent way that constantly upholds your brand values.

For example, check out how this brand kit keeps things heavily consistent and branded.

Click to edit this social media design in Canva

Click to edit this social media design in Canva

Click to edit this business card design in Canva

Note how each application has its own unique design and manages to hold its own, but when paired with the other applications, it creates one united brand.

Another way you can enhance the cohesivity of your brand designs is through repetition. By reusing specific elements of your design you can create visual links from one application to the next. Check out these templates below:

Click to edit this social media design in Canva

Click to edit this social media design in Canva

See how by using the rectangular graphics each design manages to link to the next in a natural way? If you find yourself thinking that your designs aren’t quite uniting to form a cohesive brand, try integrating a simple graphic element throughout each to tie each piece together.

A Final Checklist

If you still find yourself overwhelmed with everything there is to design, here’s a little help in the form of a checklist of commonly used brand applications that you may need to create.

Take each application as it comes, set priorities, and rely on your established palettes to guide you to a beautiful and consistent brand.