Personal Branding with Dr. Talaya Waller

16,095 students

Branding is personal

– Discover why branding is personal
– Learn how to build valuable relationships
– Design and collaborate on a brainstorm

Stand out

– Learn why it’s important to stand out
– Find out the value of positioning
– Design a logo that represents your values

Promote your brand

– Learn how to promote your personal brand
– Discover ways to connect with your audience
– Design a resume that stands out

Pitch yourself

– Learn why pitching yourself is important
– How to pitch your idea by being personal
– Create a business card to help with networking

Reach your audience

– Learn how to leave a good impression with your audience
– Discover what a personal media kit is
– Bring your digital personas together with a personal media kit


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You have completed the course

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Create a brand kit



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– How a personal brand helps you save time
– Why it’s important to thank people along the way
– Design a thank you card to show your appreciation



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