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  • Speak about things you know
  • Find an authentic way to present
  • Help the audience to empathise

Hi, I’m Cat.

Welcome back to Canva Design School.

The most important part of presenting? Be you!

Presentations are one of the most human forms of communication today.
So be human or, even better, be you. Give your audience the authentic you.

Let’s see what the experts think.

Speak about stuff you know, I’ve watched the most introverted, nerdy, awkward people once I’ve given them that tidbit, dominate speeches because they genuinely know color palettes. They unbelievably know Ruby on Rails code. They outrageously understand how to be a mother. You know I think what makes me capable of doing what I do up there is I only speak about things I know.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, it’s about finding your own authentic way to present.
Try telling a personal story or sharing a real-life experience, this will show your humanness and help the audience to connect with you.

Isn’t it comforting to hear from someone who’s learned life’s hard lessons?

Don’t be afraid to use emotion. It doesn’t mean you have to hand out boxes of tissues, it just means you get your audience to feel something.

If you can stir the emotions of your audience, help them to empathize, they’ll be more easily persuaded to adopt your point of view.

Thanks for watching Canva Design School, now you know how to make presentations that impress!

Presentations to impress Lessons

01 – Understand your audience
02 – Define a signature idea
03 – Take them on a journey
04 – One page, one point
05 – Show, don't tell
06 – Find your type
07 – Contrast your colors
08 – Dial down your data
09 – Consistency is cool
10 – Slides are scenery
11 – Present with confidence
12 – Be you