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Lesson 9

Consistency is cool

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Let's practice keeping things consistent with this activity
  • Create a cohesive look and feel
  • Apply a similar treatment to your graphics
  • Avoid distracting design decisions

Hi, I’m Cat and this is Canva Design School.

In this episode we’re going to tell you why consistency is cool.

Ideas are cool, equality is cool, puppies are cool. And do you know what else is cool? Consistency. It may seem like a boring word but when it comes to designing your presentation, consistency is as important as delivery.

So there’s two reasons why consistency is important in presentation design. When people create a presentation for the first time they often try out different fonts and every single page, different colors, on every single page, different styles, but actually it’s so much easier and more effective if you just use the same fonts throughout the entire presentation, the same background throughout the entire presentation, firstly it’s a lot easier for your audience to be able to understand what’s going on, it’ll look like you’re kind of keeping a consistent brand feel, but then it’s also way quicker so I have a certain font that I use all the time, I have a certain background and it means that I can whip up a presentation like 20 minutes flat.

Every element in your design should fit together as part of a whole. Every slide should feel like it’s part of the same story.

If your audience knows what to expect with each slide, they can focus on your message rather than noticing random design choices.

So decide on your fonts and sizes, your colors and graphic styles, even one photo filter for all of your images. Apply these same styles across all your slides, because consistency is cool!

Thanks for watching, see you in the next episode.

Presentations to impress Lessons

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09 – Consistency is cool
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