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Lesson 7

Contrast your colors

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Master the art of applying color to your slides with this activity
  • Design slides with high contrast
  • Use dark backgrounds to steer focus
  • Select a color palette

Hi, I’m Cat.

Welcome back to Canva Design School! This is one of my fav’s, we’re going to show you how to contrast your colors.

Have you ever had to squint to read yellow text on green?
No one wants that, colors that are too similar lack contrast making your message hard to read on screen.

Let’s talk to the experts.

Think about it have you ever gone to a movie, at the end of the movie, when the credits are playing, have you ever, ever, seen black text on a white background? Never.

And there’s something to learn from that because obviously these people who make movies know what they’re doing.
You always see white on black so I think you should always have a dark background. Black is the new black.

So my number one tip for punchy slides, contrast your colors. Pair a dark background with light text or vice versa. Light slides once projected become the biggest brightest thing in the room, which can take the focus away from you, the presenter.
So, consider using dark slides for the meat of your presentation, and light ones to transition.

Keep your color palette simple. Stick with three or four colors max. Light, dark and one or two vibrant accents and consider this: different colors will evoke different emotions for your audience. So pick a color scheme that fits your theme.

Thanks for watching Canva Design School.

You’re awesome!

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