Presentations to impress
Lesson 2

Define a signature idea

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Take them on a journey
  • Define your topic in a sentence
  • Write a memorable presentation
  • Build your slides around a theme

Hi, I’m Cat and this is Canva Design School.

In this episode, we’re talking about how to land your signature idea.

So you’ve understood your audience, is it time to design some beautiful slides?

Not just yet! When it comes to planning out your presentation, slides come last.

Let’s hear it from the experts.

One of the things that I always try to do in a speech is to sell a dream. Selling a dream means that you’re talking about how your product, your service, your book, your idea makes the world a better place.

Macintosh empowered people to use computers. Canva has democratized design.
It’s the high road, it’s the big picture benefit. A crucial part of every speech is the dream that you’re selling.

So first, ask what’s the one thing you want your audience to remember from your presentation.

This one thing is what we’re going to call your signature idea. It should sum up your talk’s main message in one short sentence.

Something that your audience will remember, repeat and tweet.

Once you’re clear on your signature idea, you can craft the rest of your talk around it.

Every fact, figure, and slide you include should support it. And remember – speak about stuff you know!

If you truly believe in what you have to say, your audience will, too.

Thanks for watching, tune in for our next episode.

Presentations to impress Lessons

01 – Understand your audience
02 – Define a signature idea
03 – Take them on a journey
04 – One page, one point
05 – Show, don't tell
06 – Find your type
07 – Contrast your colors
08 – Dial down your data
09 – Consistency is cool
10 – Slides are scenery
11 – Present with confidence
12 – Be you