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Lesson 8

Dial down your data

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Find out how to focus on the data that matters most with these tasks
  • Simplify your information
  • Focus on the data that matters most
  • Design beautiful infographics

Hi, I’m Cat.

Welcome back to Canva Design School, it’s time to dial down your data.

Data can be a great way of reinforcing a key point. But don’t bamboozle your audience with an overly complex infographic. When it comes to facts and figures less is more.

Let’s talk to the experts.

You know your job really is sure to have the data but your job is kind of the analysis, it’s the sense making and that’s what people are looking to you for.

If you’ve got a whole bunch of graphs or charts or data, yeah sure, they have an impact when people see them but what they want is for you to say “this is why this matters”.

Your audience has to process what’s on screen as you speak, so your point should come across in a split second.

How? Dial down your data, simplify your information and show only what matters most to your audience.

Use icons to symbolize data points or big bold text to emphasize key stats. Show data with bar graphs or pie charts or everyone’s favorite, a Venn diagram.

Recreating your charts and diagrams in Canva will make your data more beautiful and impactful, too.

Thanks for watching, don’t miss the next episode it’s a goody.

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