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Lesson 6

Find your type

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  • Design text that is easy to read
  • Use big text sizing
  • Select the right font styles

Hi, I’m Cat. This is Canva Design School.

The struggle to find the right font is over! It’s time to find your type.

When it comes to finding the right type for your presentation, what matters most is readability.
Your audience should be able to read your slides with ease, even those rebels sitting right at the back.

Let’s hear it from the experts.

Use a big font.
A big font is easier to read and it also has a very very powerful effect which is, if you use a big font, by definition, you cannot put a lot of text. And if you cannot put a lot of text, you become a better storyteller.

So, size up your type to 30 or more. This will make your slides more readable and your content better too, because larger type will force you to leave only the most impactful text on your slides.

Choose a sans-serif font, it’s the easiest to read, but avoid Arial it’s overused. Instead, find a font that’s unique to you. Stick with one font, just change up the weight and size to emphasize your most important points, and keep this in mind what you want your audience to notice is not your font, but your message.

Thanks for watching, tune in for our next episode.

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