Presentations to impress
Lesson 4

One page, one point

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You learned it, now practice it. Let's see how you can simplify your content.
Presentations to impress - activity - one page one point
Presentations to impress - activity - one page one point
  • Simplify your content
  • Present one idea per page
  • Step through your points one by one

Hi, I’m Cat.

Welcome back to Canva Design School.

In this episode we’re going to talk about a very important rule – one page one point.

You’ve planned out your content, and you’re ready to share everything you know!
But not so fast… First, we need to simplify.

Let’s hear from the experts.

So a lot of this is really second nature to you and you probably get it. You’re the expert. That’s why you’re on stage.

But this is all new information for your audience. So, take it easy on them. Just give them one idea per page and I think sometimes it’s helpful to think it’s one idea per minute.

You kind of want to pace yourself and having one central idea per page is a good way to do that.

Your audience can only take on so much info at once.

Just think about that last presentation you saw with endless pages of text. It put you to sleep, right?

So simplify your content. Present one page, one point.

Have you got a simple idea to communicate? Consider putting just one word on the slide.
Have you got an image that better expresses that idea? Scale it up to fill the slide.

If you do have a complex idea that really needs more detail, try splitting up your points across a few slides and stepping through them one by one. Use as many slides as you need to tell your story. Just be sure to keep them simple and remember – one page, one point.

Thanks for watching. Check out our next episode.

Presentations to impress Lessons

01 – Understand your audience
02 – Define a signature idea
03 – Take them on a journey
04 – One page, one point
05 – Show, don't tell
06 – Find your type
07 – Contrast your colors
08 – Dial down your data
09 – Consistency is cool
10 – Slides are scenery
11 – Present with confidence
12 – Be you