Presentations to impress
Lesson 11

Present with confidence

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  • Own the stage
  • Practise, practise, present
  • Rehearse in detail

Hi, I’m Cat.

Welcome back to Design School, we’re going to tell you how to present with confidence.

Have you ever watched a presenter with admiration or maybe envy? They own the stage with confidence, they look so relaxed like they’ve never felt nerves in their life.

They seem more qualified on their subject than anyone, ever.

How do they do it?

I have about three or four main topics that I cover 50 to 75 times a year, so some of these speeches I’ve literally given hundreds of times. And after hundreds of times, I’m completely confident, but it took hundreds of times.

When it comes to presenting with confidence the secret sauce is practice, practice, present.

Practice until you’re sick of it and then practice some more. And don’t just read your notes over and over again. Practice by standing up projecting your slides on the wall holding a clicker in your hand and imagining that there are hundreds of people out there listening to you.

Steve Jobs wasn’t a natural speaker, but he worked really, really hard at it. He rehearsed his presentations with obsessive detail until eventually he got it down to a fine art.

So, don’t just wing it. Put in the time to prepare and you will present with confidence, too.

Thanks for watching, check out our next episode.

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