Presentations to impress
Lesson 10

Slides are scenery

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Present with confidence
  • Use your slides effectively
  • Visualise what you’re saying
  • Connect with the audience

So, you prepared your content, you’ve designed your slides, now it’s time to stand up and deliver.

Maybe you don’t know where to stand, or what to do with your hands, or who to look at. But just breathe, shake it out, you’ve got this!

Hi, I’m Cat.

This is Canva Design School and we want you to think about your slides as scenery.

They are the supporting cast, they’re not the main show. They’re not the main show in the sense that you don’t want the audience to have to read your slide to get your point. The slides should just anchor them, quickly give you the point and then you are actually the main attraction.

With every presentation there’s a three-way relationship going on between your audience, your slides and you.

What’s important is that you think about your slides as scenery, they are there to help visualize what you’re saying, they are not there as your teleprompter, don’t read from them.

If you followed our previous episodes your slides will have one point per page with minimal text and meaningful visuals, any long sentences will be in your presenter notes or printed as handouts.

Your audience is there to hear from you, so go on, step away from your slides and connect with them eye to eye.

Thanks for watching, I bet you can’t wait for the next episode.

Presentations to impress Lessons

01 – Understand your audience
02 – Define a signature idea
03 – Take them on a journey
04 – One page, one point
05 – Show, don't tell
06 – Find your type
07 – Contrast your colors
08 – Dial down your data
09 – Consistency is cool
10 – Slides are scenery
11 – Present with confidence
12 – Be you