Presentations to impress
Lesson 1

Understand your audience

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Define a signature idea
  • Research the audience
  • Consider their point of view
  • Solve the audience’s goals

Hi I’m Cat, welcome to Canva Design School.

First up, let’s try to understand the audience and solve their goal.

Every great presentation begins with this question – who’s the audience your presenting to?
Because guess what, your talk isn’t about you, it’s about them.

Let’s hear it from the experts.

It’s that I respect them, because I just think that’s what you are supposed to do. And so I think great design, story telling or output needs to respect its audience as much as it needs to inspire them. And so my answer is very simple: you listen to them.

So before you put pen to paper, get into their heads and under their skin. Find out what motivates them. Learn about their culture or stalk them on LinkedIn. Step into their shoes and ask, what’s in it for me? Every person in your audience has a goal that they need to achieve. It might be to learn to design, or to improve their bottom line. How will you solve their goal?

Show your audience you understand what’s important to them, speak on their terms and you’ll have their attention. Whatever their goal is, if you can understand it, you can help them solve it.

Thanks for watching, see you in the next episode.

Presentations to impress Lessons

01 – Understand your audience
02 – Define a signature idea
03 – Take them on a journey
04 – One page, one point
05 – Show, don't tell
06 – Find your type
07 – Contrast your colors
08 – Dial down your data
09 – Consistency is cool
10 – Slides are scenery
11 – Present with confidence
12 – Be you