Social media mastery
Lesson 11

Build your community

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  • The importance of human connection in social media
  • Tips for building relationships with your audience
  • How to respond to comments effectively

Customers are great. But communities are next level!

If you can gain a loyal group of followers who like what you do, they’ll spread the word and do the marketing for you.

Growing a community isn’t easy though! It takes more than follows and likes – it’s all about human connection.

And I think the way you do that is you kind of include them in the journey of the brand. So you make it a back and forth conversation not you always speaking to your customers. You engage with them regularly you know if they comment on your photo you answer them, if they post something and they tag you, you repost it or you talk to them about it, you give them a shout-out. Like, those type of things make people feel like well like this brand appreciates that I’m also you know mentioning them or talking to them and that way you feel more of a strong connection.

Show your community you value them. If someone posts a comment – take the time to respond!

But don’t be a robot! Remember you’re connecting with real humans.

Before you push send, read your reply aloud. Is it something you’d say to a friend?
If not, maybe write it again, until it sounds right.

I know what you’re thinking: So many responses! So little time!

But find a routine that works for you.
You could start by dedicating 30 minutes a day – while you’re on the train or drinking your morning coffee.

Your goal is to grow a community, that interacts with you and with one another –
that’s what social media’s about.

Here’s a bonus: Content that gets people talking will help beat the algorithm and push your posts higher in the scroll.

All the more reason to get connecting!

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