Social media mastery
Lesson 4

Define your style

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Make it visual
  • How to create your own look and feel for social media
  • How to keep your posts consistent
  • How to use templates for different content types

I love the outdoors so I follow Patagonia on Insta. Their feed is full of inspiring images of people exploring the wild. I love what I see, and I know what to expect.

Everything you post to social media is an extension of your brand. So you want to make sure your content is unmistakably, you!

So when people are landing on that feed particularly when it comes to Instagram, that is a shopfront for your business when you’re looking at the feed without even looking at individual posts, what does that say about you? Is it clean, inspirational, you know, fresh. Is it busy, colorful, fun.

So as a starting point we always tell our clients to create a mood board for the kind of imagery and the kind of you know brand ethos that they want to espouse as part of that strategy.

In a social world crowded with content, how will your post stand out from the rest?
How will it be recognized by the community who follow you?

Make sure there’s a thread of consistency that runs through all your designs.
Maybe that’s your color palette, your font style, or using the same photo filter.

By the way, consistent design doesn’t have to be boring design!

A great way to achieve a unified look, but also keep it interesting, is to create one template style for each of the content types you post.
So, one style for memes, another for videos, another for inspirational quotes.

Having a few pre-made templates will also save you time when you’re posting on the go!

The goal is to create your own unique look and feel that your community will instantly recognize and love. Define your style and stick with it.

Social media mastery Lessons

01 – Master social media
02 – Find your focus
03 – Set your goals
04 – Define your style
05 – Make it visual
06 – Color, Contrast & Clarity
07 – Master your videos
08 – Tailor your content
09 – Educate, inspire, entertain
10 – Plan ahead
11 – Build your community
12 – Make your mark