Social media mastery
Lesson 9

Educate, inspire, entertain

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  • How to come up with new ideas for content
  • How to educate, inspire and entertain your audience
  • The importance of trying different types of content

Standing out on social media is no easy feat. You have to post consistently. But you can’t post the same thing over and over again.

Continually coming up with new ideas for content, that your community will love, takes some serious creativity!

So I think the inspiration process is a big part of it. You should follow accounts that aren’t brands that are doing really cool things that you like and see like how can I take some learnings from that and apply them to my, you know, social media strategy.

So if you see a brand that’s doing like really cool video work or not a brand but an account, you can think okay how do I apply this into what I’m doing with like my food or my clothing line or whatever it is that your brand is.

But I think at the end of the day is about putting yourself outside of the business box and thinking more from a creative perspective and then try to marry the two that you’re gonna come up with creative content.

So how do you keep coming up with new ideas?
We’ve got three techniques to help: Educate. Inspire. Entertain.

Education is about empowerment.
You’re an expert at what you do!
Share what you know with your community – so they can learn from you!

If you’re a florist, you could teach them about what flowers in bloom this season.

Inspiration is getting creative and sharing new ideas Maybe an interesting new way to display flowers in your home…

You could even ask your community for suggestions –
they might have some inspiring ideas too!

Don’t be afraid to entertain, be witty or a bit wacky.

How many funny flower puns can you think of?
If it makes you smile, it’ll make your audience smile too.

So mix it up and try new things!I be-leaf in you 🙂

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