Social media mastery
Lesson 12

Make your mark


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Create a design
  • How to promote your content
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  • How to use small gestures to resonate with your audience

You’ve found your focus, created tons of tailored content, and scheduled it all in.

Now that you’ve put in all that hard work, what next?
No one will know it exists, unless you go out and promote it with avengence.

Yeah the one thing I will say about putting handles everywhere, like I think it’s that is something people have been doing for a while and that’s great but beyond that you’ve got to make people want to do it just putting a facebook logo somewhere is great but if people don’t love your products, your packaging isn’t awesome, your experience is amazing they’re not gonna do it.

You’re much better off making them go “oh my god” this packaging is unbelievable or this experience is so good I want to share it with my friends.

Social media is an important part of the marketing mix, but it shouldn’t work on it’s own!

Think about ALL the different ways your customers come into contact with your business – both online and offline. Those are all chances for you to make your mark.

For example, if you run a coffee shop you could add your social media handle to your menu, maybe add your hashtag too so customers can share a snap of your dreamy coffee art.

Or if someone’s ordered from your online shop, add a little thank you note in their package with your social handle and encourage them to follow and share a photo of their order.

These little touches can feel super personal..

The most important thing is to take advantage of every opportunity to reach your customers and make your mark on the world.

Social media mastery Lessons

01 – Master social media
02 – Find your focus
03 – Set your goals
04 – Define your style
05 – Make it visual
06 – Color, Contrast & Clarity
07 – Master your videos
08 – Tailor your content
09 – Educate, inspire, entertain
10 – Plan ahead
11 – Build your community
12 – Make your mark