Social media mastery
Lesson 7

Master your videos

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  • Why people are drawn to video content
  • How to use storytelling in your videos
  • How to hook your audience in the first three seconds

Videos are what we like to call – thumb stopping content. The movement, the animation, the emotion! We just can’t look away.

And here’s a fact: video gets three times as many shares as text and images combined.
The word is out: video is in!

So we have so many clients that want, you know, one minute two minute videos. It’s great for a brand story on your website no problem.

Social media short short short. Most videos, people drop off at three seconds, that’s when most people it’s like 80% of people are not watching your video after three seconds. So short snappy, grab people’s attention straight away because that’s what it is, people are scrolling through, it’s it got to be an instant thing with social media and if you’re asking them to take to take action as well you’ve got to ask them to do that, it’s got to be a short process.

There are so many ways to create engaging videos, the approach really depends on the purpose.

Telling a story about your ethical supply chain,
will be different to promoting a mid-season sale.

Sometimes all you need is a snappy video that stands out.

Other times you need a bit more of a story:

A story should stir emotions in people.
Whether that’s tears of laughter or sadness – emotions will form connections with your community.
So ask yourself – what do you want your audience to feel.

Use your time wisely. Those first 3 seconds matter most.
That’s your opportunity to inspire the audience to keep on watching.

And if you don’t have the budget for high end production – don’t worry!
Your phone camera, and Canva’s video tool, will become your best friends.

Social media mastery Lessons

01 – Master social media
02 – Find your focus
03 – Set your goals
04 – Define your style
05 – Make it visual
06 – Color, Contrast & Clarity
07 – Master your videos
08 – Tailor your content
09 – Educate, inspire, entertain
10 – Plan ahead
11 – Build your community
12 – Make your mark