Social media mastery
Lesson 10

Plan ahead

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  • The importance of creating a content plan
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to create a simple social media content plan

So, you’re clear on your goals. You’ve designed some beautiful posts. It’s time to go viral!

Not just yet. When it comes to social media content, how you plan is as important as what you post.

Because it’s not enough to just have a social account, you have to keep it active!

I think when you’re first starting out it can be a little hectic to track every month and a lot of times like things go very back and forth and you can drive yourself crazy, so I think you should set some short-term goals from a month-to-month perspective but also think in the long term, you know, a year from now what I want to achieve and just be working towards that.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something unique to post when you wake up every day. That’s why it pays to plan ahead.

Put aside some time, pull out a calendar, and plot out your content.
You can plan weekly, monthly or quarterly – whatever suits.

Are there any national events or holidays coming up that you can create relevant content for?Pop these in.

If you’re proactive with your scheduling, it will give you the space to be reactive too
– because sometimes you don’t know what’s around the corner.

Here’s a tip to keep things simple:
You’ve already designed different templates for different content types, right?
Take these, and assign one type to one day of the week.

You could have: Meme Monday’s, Quote Tuesday’s and Fun Fact Friday’s.

Now you can sleep easy, knowing exactly what you’re posting next week!

Social media mastery Lessons

01 – Master social media
02 – Find your focus
03 – Set your goals
04 – Define your style
05 – Make it visual
06 – Color, Contrast & Clarity
07 – Master your videos
08 – Tailor your content
09 – Educate, inspire, entertain
10 – Plan ahead
11 – Build your community
12 – Make your mark