Social media mastery
Lesson 3

Set your goals

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  • Why we need to track our progress
  • How to determine your goals
  • What to measure to determine success

There’s only one way to keep track of the progress you’re making. That’s by setting out some goals – and measuring them.

There are tons of things you can measure on social media – but it comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. What’s going to get you closer to where you want to be?

Measure that.

People talk a lot about return on investment with social media, and in that marketing space it’s so hard because return on investment it is kind of like an airy-fairy concept.

The one beauty with social media is that you can get those facts and figures specific to how many people have seen that post, what is the age bracket. You know, what is their relationship status, you can really drill down into that and particularly with social media you can see who is engaging with your post and get an idea of who your audience is as well.

So how do you decide on your goals?

If you’re just starting out, you want to get your business noticed. So brand awareness could be your goal.

Make sure your content clearly expresses who you are and what you do. Then measure awareness by tracking how many people you reach with each post.

If you’re a more established business your goal might be deepen the relationships you have with your community.

Create content that adds value to their lives by inspiring, educating or entertaining them. Then measure engagement by tracking how many positive comments you receive.

Each social platform has built in analytics to help you measure and keep track.

So you’ve got all the insights you need at your fingertips!

Social media mastery Lessons

01 – Master social media
02 – Find your focus
03 – Set your goals
04 – Define your style
05 – Make it visual
06 – Color, Contrast & Clarity
07 – Master your videos
08 – Tailor your content
09 – Educate, inspire, entertain
10 – Plan ahead
11 – Build your community
12 – Make your mark